Activate - Monitor - Notify

A companion device for your existing garage door opener that let you Open, Close, and Monitor your garage door.
It is the Nexx generation of home convenience.


Have the convenience of checking or activating your garage door or gate from anywhere in the world.


Nexx Garage works with Amazon Echo or any Amazon Alexa enabled devices as well as Google Home to allow you to Open, Close, or Monitor your garage door.
Just say "Alexa, tell Nexx Garage to close door".
or "Hey Google, tell Nexx Garage to open door".


Nexx Garage is so smart that it knows when you want to open your garage door, so JUST DRIVE! (This feature is in BETA release and there are known issues on Android 6.x, so it may not work for everyone or every time. This feature also depends upon the device's ability to read the location and that is dependent upon the device electronics and network environment.)


Allow one or more users to control your garage door.


Find out the date and time your garage door was opened or closed.


Did you forget to close your garage door? Not to worry, Nexx Garage will notify you if you left your garage door open so that your mind will be at peace knowing that your home is secure.


With industry standard encryption technology, you will have the peace of mind that your technology enabled garage door is secure.