Troubleshooting - WiFi Setup

Make sure the device led light is solid green.  If not solid green, press and hold the reset button until the led is solid green.

Make sure you are on your home wifi network and not "NexxGarage-xxxxxx" network.  Go to your wifi settings to confirm.

If you receive an error retrieving the WiFi list, try these steps:
1.  Unplug the power of the Nexx Garage device
2.  Wait 5 seconds
3.  Plug back the power cord to the power outlet
4.  From mobile phone, go to wifi settings and select "NexxGarage-xxxxxx" network
5.  Once connected, go to Nexx Garage mobile app, tap menu->configure device
6.  The mobile app should be trying to get the surrounding wifi networks and should display a list within 3 minutes

Make sure you are on "NexxGarage-xxxxxx" network and not your home network.  Go to your wifi settings to confirm.  Then switch back to the app and try saving the configuration again.

Make sure you are on your home network and not "NexxGarage-xxxxxx" network.  Go to your wifi settings to confirm.  Then switch back to the app and tap "Retry".

Troubleshooting - Device Connection to Garage Door Opener (GDO)

Then Nexx Garage wires should go into the same wires as your wall console wires.  It does not matter which wires goes to which terminal.  In addition, the GDO terminals can share both the wires from the wall and Nexx Garage wires.

Typically, the wall wires will be a single wire onto the terminal.  Other terminals may have 2 wires going into them (this is not the terminal you want).

If you are unsure, just email us at and we will be glad to help.

When you properly connect Nexx Garage wires to the correct terminals and you tap the green button from the mobile app, you should here a click coming from the device and your garage door should activate.  If this does occur, please do a simple test to verify that your garage door is compatible.

Take a short piece of wire and strip both ends (a paper clip can work).  Connect one end to one terminal and the other end to the other terminal.  When this occurs your door should activate.  If it does not, then your garage door opener is not compatible.

If your garage door is not compatible, we do have a workaround for this.  Please email us at and we will provide more details on this solution.

Troubleshooting - Sensors Mounting

This is typically due to the sensor install.  The sensor needs to be parallel, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart and not touching.  We have several examples pics on our website  If you still have issue after adjusting the sensors, please contact us at

This is typically due to a bad sensor.  To verify this, disconnect the sensor cable from the Nexx Garage device.  The mobile app should show that your garage door is open.  Contact us for a free replacement:

Troubleshooting - Auto Open

Typically, this is caused by sharing the same account on 2 different phone.  Each user needs to have their own account, and you should never share accounts.

The Auto Open feature is heavily dependent on cell towers and cell data service near your home, which means depending on where you live, it may work great, fair, or not at all.  We don't have much control over this.

If you are using an Android device please check your location setting and select GPS, Wi-Fi, and Mobile networks.  If it's GPS only than it will not work.  Also to test this we would recommend doing this at home and  log out from the App and log back in then drive about a couple blocks away (approximate 300 ft) and drive back toward your house.

 Android location settings
 Privacy and safety -> Location -> Location method -> GPS, Wi-Fi, and Mobile networks
If you are still having issues, send us your troubleshooting logs.  Go to the mobile app, menu->about device, tap "Send troubleshooting log" and email us at

Troubleshooting - User Access

After you grant access to another user using their email address, they would need to do the following:
1.  Install Nexx Garage app on their phone.
2.  Open Nexx Garage app and Create Account
3.  Enter the same email address as the one you used to grant them access
4.  Log in using their email address and password
5.  Done, they should now be able to control your garage door.

Troubleshooting - Multiple Garage Doors

No.  You can only control 1 garage door opener with 1 Nexx Garage device.  So, if you have 2 garage door, then you would need 2 Nexx Garage device.

Nexx Garage mobile app allows one account to configure multiple devices.  From the app, go to menu->Registered Devices and tap "+" in the upper right hand corner.  Go through the WiFi configuration to add the device to your account.  Repeat to an additional devices.

Troubleshooting - Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant

There are 2 ways you can enable the Nexx Garage Alexa skill.

#1:  Alexa mobile app

  1.  Go to Alexa mobile app.
  2.  Search for "Nexx Garage"
  3.  Enable skill
  4.  Login using Nexx Garage credentials
  5.  Enter a pin code.  Any pin code will do (minimum 4 and maximum 10 digits).  This pin code is required by Amazon to activate your garage door.

#2:  Amazon website

  1. From a browser on a computer, go to
  2. Search for "Nexx Garage"
  3. Select Nexx Garage skill
  4. Enable skill
  5. Login using Nexx Garage credentials
  6. Enter a pin code.  Any pin code will do (minimum 4 and maximum 10 digits).  This pin code is required by Amazon to activate your garage door.

Using Google Home, say "Hey Google, launch Nexx Garage"

Google will respond asking you to use the Google Home app to link account.  From mobile phone, open Google Home and the first card should allow you to link to Google Home account with Nexx Garage account.

This pin code is required by Amazon to activate your garage door.  This is Amazon's policy not ours.  You can make up any pin code but the code must be at least 4 digits and not more than 10 digits.

To change the pin code, from the mobile app, go to menu->settings.

To disable or enable the pin code, from mobile app, go to menu->settings.